Radiant Heart Retreat


Women’s Workshop Weekend

a journey to the heart in Sebago, Maine from October 9th – 11th

Sebago Lake, Maine

October 9th-11th 2020

Join us for a weekend of retreat, breath and pause. We’ll be going on a journey to the heart; taking you through layers of healing and learning to be your own Teacher. Daily yoga, healthy meals, and insightful workshops await you at the gorgeous “Bent Birches Lodge” on Sebago Lake. When you’re not in a workshop leaning into your own experience and learning techniques for self-compassion, you can roam the lodge property, explore Sebago Lake by kayak, or read on one of the many porches overlooking the serene water. 

Ready to have a Radiant Heart?

The Experience

Different from your typical “yoga retreat”, this Women’s Workshop Weekend has a strong intention towards guiding you to become your own healer through self-compassion. Truth be told, you can do yoga anywhere and get similar results. And while it is pretty cool to travel to remote corners of the world do yoga on tropical beaches, it’s still just yoga on a beach.

🤷‍♀️(just sayin’)

At the Radiant Heart Retreat you will be guided through various lessons, workshops, and rituals that will provide you with lifelong tools to be your own best healer. This is a profound opportunity to learn what the “gurus” know and be able to show up for yourself (and your family) in a new way. The growth and healing that you will experience will extend long after the retreat ends.

What’s Included:

Delicious Meals

3 healthy, freshly prepared meals per day enjoyed together as a community. Meals will be vegetarian, with vegan and gluten free options available. Snacks, coffee, and tea will also be readily available throughout the day. 

Daily Yoga

Daily optional yoga classes designed to invigorate your morning and decompress your evening. Classes will be accessible for beginner yogis and modifiable for advanced yogis alike. Mats will be available for use but you are encouraged to bring your own. 


Three days, two nights stay at the Bent Birches Lodge – a large and newly updated lake house on Sebago Lake. With multiple living rooms, dens, patios and a large yard, there is more than enough room to spread out while still enjoying all the comforts of home. 

Empowering Workshops

Insightful workshops throughout the weekend designed to teach you new and powerful techniques for self-healing. You will gain knowledge about yourself and how to use tools like self-massage, breath work, and reiki to continue your self-healing long after the retreat ends and you return home. 
More information about specific workshops below. 


Guided Experiences

Often time the journey of self-healing can be an arduous and lonely one, but we are all on the same journey. Miranda, Jenna, and Mariah are trained teachers in a variety of modalities, available and excited to assist in your growth. We rise by lifting others, therefore we will all share our experiences and help guide one another throughout the weekend.

Tools To Take Home

There are several resources and physical tools that will be gifted to you as part of your participation in the workshops (you’ll just have to join us to find out more!)

Why Did We Create This?

Self-healing (being your own healer) is the process of taking responsibility for how you want to feel. It is choosing how you want to show up in your life and then taking actions to feel that way, even when you don’t want to.

Healing the body, mind, soul, and heart requires taking a pause and feeling into the parts of you that have lost their shine, the parts that have been neglected or mistreated.

A pause from life.

A moment to reflect.

A step back to take note of where you are, right now.

A chance to feel into your presence and fully settle into acceptance of the process.

A break from the day-to-day in order to shine light on the shadows, and embrace the parts of yourself that make you whole.

“Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.” -Brene Brown

A radiant heart shines with compassion for others because it first shines light on herself. A Radiant Heart is powerful because it is gentle, and strong because it is soft.

Beyond the relief of easing your own discomfort – whether it is emotional, energetic, or physical pain – there comes a DEEP resonance of EMPOWERMENT that comes when you are able to be your own Healer. When you have the tools and knowledge on how to properly use them, you are in charge.

Join us on the Radiant Heart Retreat to hold space for yourself in compassion and learn tools for self-care so that you may return to your life with a greater sense of clarity, more tools in your tool belt, and a glow from the inside out.

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What is a Radiant Heart?

A Radiant Heart is powerful because it is gentle towards itself, and strong because it is vulnerable.

Living with a Radiant Heart opens you to the gift of truly knowing and trusting yourself.

It is knowing exactly what you want in your life and how to get it.

A Radiant Heart is empowered.

It is the sense of ease and grace that comes when your thoughts and feelings are aligned with your actions.

By bridging the gap between the mind and body you become in control of how you feel. No longer will you feel the need to look outside of yourself for the answers; you can look within.

Given the right tools and the knowledge to use them, you will become your own Healer – growing at your own pace and getting to know yourself better every day.


The Workshops


Put the power of massage into your own hands and learn effective ways to unwind shoulder, neck and back tension. Using our little rubber pain erasers: Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls, you will become your own favorite massage therapist (okay, maybe second favorite  😉).

You will learn effective ways to release tension, find more energy and create an inner state of calm.  Starting with the proper techniques for myofascial release and massage, you will get to know your body and how to treat your pain.  We will then integrate yoga postures and breath to hit the trifecta of self-care!

Get to know your body on a deeper level and strengthen your mind-body connection in a completely new way. Best of all, you will be able to take the therapy balls and your new self-care routine home with you!


Breath Work & Self-Reiki


Your breath is your biggest healing superpower; it is with you in every moment of your life. When used intentionally, your breath is the greatest delivery system of clarity, personal healing, expansion and transformation that you may ever encounter. 

Breath work is a safe and effective process that involves the use of ‘conscious connected breathing’ to create an altered state of awareness within you. That state provides an opportunity to release what no longer serves you – a lifetime of repressed thoughts, emotions, beliefs, negativity and pain – so that you can awaken your authentic self and return to your original state of wholeness.

In this workshop Jenna will guide you in how to breathe in a circular pattern and administer self-reiki. As oxygen and vital life force energy begin flowing into your body, clearing your stress and tension, blocks may start to surface as physical feelings (heat, tightness), emotional feelings, memories or thoughts.

Breath by breath you will let go of fear, expectation, anger, regret and frustration.  By mastering your breath, you master your life. By mastering your breath you connect you with your true inner self – your inner healer. 

Ayurveda: Food & Lifestyle 

Ayurveda is the science of life, and the sister science to Yoga. It is an ancient healing system that honors the 5 elements and how it determines who we are, what we like to eat, what we like to do, how we act, and what our state of mind is. In Ayurveda, we learn that we have a particular make up of mind – body types called doshas- (we will do the Dosha test!) and from this information, we can learn what to eat, and how to support ourselves seasonally. It’s crucial to balance our doshas and this can be done by tweaking our diet and lifestyle to suit our “type.” 

Food is medicine- and I continue the journey of integrating Ayurveda into my life’s work. Teaching others to empower their own healing and to attain greater life balance and ease is where the magic is at!
[Ayurveda Class led by Mariah Brinton] 


Best-Self Journaling 

When you think of the best version of yourself, what does she look like? Who is she; what are her desires, values, and beliefs? What does SHE do to make her “better” than who you are right now? How does she LIVE?

By breaking down these questions and connecting to your higher self (the version of you who is just kicking a$$ at Life) you will receive clarity on what you should be prioritizing in your life to better be able to experience the life that you MOST desire. 

Maybe it is more calm and serenity that you desire – what do you need to prioritize to have more of that? 
Maybe it is more Time for your family and deeper connections that you want – how can you get that today? 

Sometimes getting the answers to Life’s toughest problems comes down to knowing which questions to ask.


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Value Breakdown

Meet Your Mentors

Miranda Ryan


Miranda’s relationship with yoga did not have a wildly romantic beginning – in fact, it was quite a slow and boring courtship that had its moments of passionate interest but mostly just simmered and fizzled out. But like all good, true loves, yoga was patient and kind, and waited for Miranda to finally commit to herself and yoga for life.

The decision to make the leap from yoga novice to teacher came when she realized that yoga would deeply benefit her Massage Therapy clients and enhance their healing. Miranda combines her comprehensive understanding of anatomy with a love for movement, meditation, and energy therapy to create dynamic yoga practices.

In addition to her Massage Therapy practice and yoga classes, Miranda has a passion for developing a positive mindset. With her degree in Psychology and a never-ending thirst for a deeper understanding of the Mind-Body connection, Miranda has developed several practices that help her tap into the power of the Mind and Collective Consciousness. She believes that by understanding the power that lies within each of us we can unveil a powerful source of potential.   

Jenna Hinkley


Hi! I’m Jenna, a  licensed massage therapist, Reiki master teacher, bodyworker,  yoga + meditation teacher and natural health advocate with a deep love for the healing arts.  I currently run Big White Barn Yoga Studio along with Zenbody Holistic Healing. 

I intend to bring a unique attention to detail and a close intuitive spiritual connection with my clients and students using Yoga Therapy, Therapeutic Massage and Reiki Energy Work.  I enjoy sharing and implementing my acquired knowledge with absolutely everyone! I  have a specialty in energy medicine including reiki, healing with gemstone medicine, and intuitive readings which I incorporate into each session.

After many years in this practice I have found that taking a holistic approach to healthcare and focusing on healing the body of the emotional and physical energetics of illness, stress, tension and pain we can bring the body, mind and soul back to balance blissfully, gracefully and naturally.

Mariah Brinton


Mariah is an Intuitive Ayurvedic Wellness guide working to inspire others to take healthy, conscious actions in their lives.  She is a YA certified  200-hr Yoga instructor, a Reiki Level III Master healer, a mother and an Ayurvedic Chef. Mariah incorporates yoga, meditation,  reiki, healthy eating, outdoor activities and artistic expression into her professional and personal life for balance and growth. She is focused on these qualities as a means to offer a pathway to healing. 

Through Mariah’s own personal experience- food became a way to heal and empower. In 2012 she worked at Whole Foods in Portland, Maine and was exposed to many different approaches to health  Then she completed her first Whole30 and started eating Paleo. It gave her a surge in energy and clarity in mind and body. Then after an Ayurvedic yoga training in 2018,  she was able to clearly define what worked for her dosha (body type) and commit on a deeper level to her goals of mind- body health. It deepened her love for an Ayurvedic way of living, and re-committed her to sharing and serving others on their path to wellness and self-empowerment. With her experience in working as a prep-cook & baker for several years, she has defined that cooking for high-vibrational gatherings and retreats is just the place she thrives in! 

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Your Questions, Answered (hopefully)

What is included in the cost?

Your investment covers just about EVERYTHING.

That means:
- All your food for 2.5 days... dinner Friday night, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast + lunch on Sunday!
- Your room, of course!
- All the yoga you want to take... 4 classes available over the weekend!
- Any and all of the workshops you want to attend... 4 workshops included!
- Access to the fun amenities at the Bent Birch Lodge... kayaks, fire pit, ping pong, etc!
- Goodies to take home 🙂

What is NOT included?
- There *may* be the opportunity to enjoy on-site massages and reiki treatments. These treatments will be additional costs because there will be a limited availability and I cannot promise that all will be able to indulge, therefore I don't want to charge you for something  we can't deliver on. 

Why are the prices so different?

The difference in price literally just comes down to the type of room you want. Some people want a private room, and since there are only TWO available that are for one individual only, they are more valuable (aka, cost more). If you're fine with sharing a room with others, then I recommend opting for the bunk room! 

Are there payment plans available?

Yes! Once you pay your fill out your registration form and pay your $150 non-refundable deposit (to hold your spot), I will reach out to you to make arrangements for payment plans. There will be interest added to payment plans, which means it will be cheaper to pay in full, but I will work with your needs to find an arrangement that works for you!

Is this suitable for yoga beginners?

Yes, absolutely, 100%. 

Every body can do yoga (even if that yoga looks vastly different than "traditional" yoga). Everyone is on their own journey and just because someone can do a full split doesn't mean that they are better or worse at "doing yoga" than someone who can barely touch their toes. Yoga is a state of being, an intention for how you live your life - not a gauge of how flexible you are. 

In addition, our yoga classes will be catered towards all levels and will include a balance of relaxing, restorative classes and more physical flow classes. 

What will the daily itinerary be like?

I'm so glad you asked! Here is a *rough* (like, super rough) draft idea of what you can expect the weekend to look like. Please keep an open, flexible mind in knowing that plans will likely change to accommodate new ideas or whatever else the universe throws our way. 

Friday October 9th
3:00-5:00pm - Check in, find your room, settle in

5:30 - Family Dinner + Meet your fellow attendees

7:00 - Orientation + Mini restorative yoga class/Self-Reiki

8:30 - Free time until sleep

Saturday October 10th
7:00am - Morning meditation + journaling (totally optional and yes, you can bring your coffee 😉)
8:00am - Morning yoga
9:30am - Breakfast 
10:00 - 11:00 - Journaling Workshop
11:00 - 1:30 - Freetime
1:30 - 2:00 -  Lunch
2:00 - 3:30 - Ayurveda
3:30 - 5:30 - Freetime
5:30 - Dinner
6:30 - Restorative Evening Breathwork YogaSpa
8:30 - Freetime/Sleep

Sunday October 11th

7:00am - Meditation + Journaling
8:30 - Morning yoga
9:30 - Breakfast
10:30 - 12:30 - Self-Massage Rolling Workshop
12:00 - 1:30 - Freetime
1:30 - Lunch & Closing Ceremony


Do I have to participate in the workshops?

Nope! Of course, I think you'll love them and the workshops are kinda the point of the weekend... but you do you girlfriend! If you just want to chill on the porch watching the leave change color, you are more than welcome to do-so and we will all support you in that choice.

Can my _________ come with me?

Okay, let's cover this question carefully:

- "Can my husband/boyfriend come with me?"
---- No. This is obviously a female only event. We are not trying to *exclude anyone* who identifies otherwise, but for multiple reasons we cannot allow any men at the event. I mean, if your BF/Husband/whatever wants to drop you off and pick you up, that is fine!

- "Can my wife/girlfriend come with me?"
---- If you are a woman, and you are in a relationship with another woman, then of course you can both come, yay! 

- "Can my dog/cat/guinea pig come with me?
---- Sorry, no pets allowed at the lodge! Totally not my decision because we would have more animals than people if allowed! 

- If you have any other specific requests that need consideration, please reach out and we will handle everything on a case-by-case basis!

How do I register?

If you've gotten this far and you're just on fire with desire 😄to come to this retreat - then we want to see you there too!!!! All you need to do now is click on one of the "Register Now" buttons, fill out the form to choose your room, and submit the non-refundable $150 deposit to secure your spot! As stated above, if you need to arrange a payment plan I will connect with you to find a plan that works for you.

I can't wait to receive your registration! 

~The Light in me honors, respects, and loves the Light in you~
    - Miranda

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