Somewhere down the line we all got told that if we eat too much fat in our diet, we will become fat ourselves. That’s why “fat-free” everything – yogurt, soda, milk, salad dressing, you name it – exists. But if everyone is so conscious of consuming less fat…why is obesity still such a major issue in our country?

Did you know that roughly 50 years ago called the “Sugar Research Foundation” (aka, the sugar companies) funded research that downplayed the health risks of consuming sugar and “highlighted” the risks of consuming fat.

The researchers aimed to “refute” the claims that increased sugar consumption was correlated to an increased risk of heart disease.

[Hmmm……..why would the sugar company want you to think fat was bad??]

Of course, the Sugar Company’s  funding of this “research” was completely hidden from consumers, but all the while it was their intention to convince the American public that fat was the leading cause of coronary heart disease.

You see, one of the magical things about good, saturated fat is that it provides a rich taste and consistency. If you remove fat from the food, something has to replace it.

That something?


As a result, America’s per capita sugar consumption increased by a third.

The next time you’re at the grocery store, take a look at peanut butter: one jar of regular, one “low-fat” and compare the sugar content.

I’m not telling you all this to scare you, but to educate you. Navigating the supermarket shelves can be overwhelming and time consuming when you have to read every label on a box or can….

So here is a chart I made for quick reference when it comes to understanding which fat is the RIGHT fat to use (or avoid at all costs!)