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The Power of Massage

Whether you’re looking to relieve pain, reduce stress and tension, or simply relax, what you really want from your massage is to bring balance back to your body. We ask a lot of our bodies on a daily basis: Working long hours on a computer, training hard for a race or competition, being a busy “Super Mom”! Through it all, the body tries to keep up and sometimes all it needs is a little help.

A massage care routine does more than make you feel amazing; it keeps you doing more of what makes you amazing.

A Philosophy Of Healing

Clients come to me with a wide variety of ailments ranging in severity and location in the body. Sometimes their pain has brought them to a point in life where they are no longer able to do the activities they once enjoyed. Unfortunately, many people wait until they’re forced with making the decision between a drastic surgery or finding a natural alternative before they opt for massage therapy.

Pain is a symptom, not a problem. All too often we only mask the symptoms instead of addressing the root cause of the pain. This quick fix may help temporarily, however the root issue may continue to manifest into a variety of other symptoms. My approach is holistic, in that I view your symptoms through multiple lenses to try and help you find the true root cause. The body is capable of incredible healing, especially when it is nurtured and supported through the sometimes difficult stages of healing. I believe that massage, reiki, yoga, and mindset work are all powerful, non-invasive tools for healing. When used together, these therapies support deep healing that allow the body to truly transform.

What Miranda’s Clients Are Saying…

Don’t just take it from us, here are just a few of Miranda’s happy clients!

Miranda is very talented and knowledgeable in the field of massage therapy. I’ve had dozens of different massage therapists provide body work for me (I’m a massage therapist myself!), and Miranda is definitely in the top 3. I look forward to my monthly massages with her. I highly recommend her. She is lovely.

Kate J.

I can’t possibly overstate how deeply satisfied I was with my experience. Miranda is a true professional with a real talent for her work. I strongly recommend her to anyone seeking deep relaxation and peace of mind. I was the most impressed with how intuitive Miranda was. The way she lingered on the areas that provided the most relief without me having to say anything was truly special, and relaxing on another level.

Eric V.

“This was my first massage in a really long time. Miranda was so professional but still very friendly and welcoming. I was only scheduled for 60 minutes but asked if she had the time would she do longer. I got a 90 minute massage and it was so wonderful. Can’t wait for my next one on the 23rd. Have already recommended her to others.”

Carole L.

Single Massage Pricing

Q: Who decided that a massage should only last an hour?    A: Spas.

Well, this isn’t a “spa” and we do things a little differently because you deserve MORE.

Massage Packages

While getting one massage is wonderful, committing to a massage therapy routine is profound. Getting regular massages creates truly lasting change within the body, which is why packages must be used within a specified time frame* (see more info in FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect during my first massage?

Each new session begins with a private consultation to address all of your concerns. A massage impacts more than just the physical body. By relaxing the mind into a deep, meditative state, we can also address the stress that taxes your mental and emotional bodies as well. After a brief assessment, we will determine the best approach to your session. Whether it be deep tissue to break up stubborn fascia, a gental hot stone massage incorporating essential oils for deep relaxation, or possibly a combination of both, massages can be tailored to meet your needs and altered throughtout the session to bring you the most comfort. 

Click here to see what happy clients have to say about their experiences!

How often should I get massages?

The frequency you get massages depends entirley on the quality of life you wish to maintain and the severity of your injury. This question is best answered after your first session with Miranda, where she can assess your specific needs and you can discuss the best course of action together.

*Massage packages must be used within specific timeframes in order to receive the discounts. This timeframe will be determined during your consultation with Miranda. Every body is different, therefore each massage routine will vary based on severity of injury and Miranda’s professional opinion.

Where is the studio located?

The studio is located at 338 Water St, Hallowell, ME 04347. Look for the green sign that says Walker Homestead and my studio is on the left side of the building with the wood ramp leading to the waiting room. The office is home to several health practitioners and serves as a holistic center for the Hallowell, Augusta, Readfield, Winthrop, Manchester, Gardiner, and surrounding communities.

What are the benefits of massage therapy?

Okay, let’s get the obvious benefits out of the way:

  1. They feel amazing!  (…by relieving stress and tension and promoting the release of feel-good endorphins in the brain…)
  2. You will leave feeling more relaxed and calm and able to tackle your day (or week….or life!)
  3. Stimulated circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid means improved immune system functioning and less blah and sickness.
  4. Improved sleep….because a relaxed body is a sleepy body.
  5. Increased joint mobility and range of motion.

And the lesser known benefits?

  1. Improved mental alertness and clarity.
    • Think about it, tense muscles restrict blood flow. Tense NECK muscles will restrict BRAIN blood flow and can result in mental fatigue and fogginess. Massage reduces tension and opens up that restricted blood flow to the brain giving you more thinking power.
  2. Breathing.
    • Take a deep breath. Yes, right now. Feel that rush of oxygen to the brain? Feels good doesn’t it? When you’re stressed the body naturally takes short, shallow, quick breaths. During a massage, stress and tension dissipate and breathing naturally deepens and lengthens leading to, you guessed it, more relaxation, mental clarity, and improved lung function.
  3. Mind-body connection.
    • Unfortunately, unless there is pain residing somewhere in the body, many people don’t pay attention to how their body feels on a daily basis. This might cause you to be clenching your jaw all day because of an incident that happened on your way to work in traffic; someone cuts you off and you tense up. If you’re not in tune with your body, this tension could go unnoticed until it turns chronic and you’re left wondering why your neck hurts “all of a sudden”. Receiving massages provides an opportunity for you to check in with the status of your physical body, allowing your mind to “drop down” into the body and strengthen that connection. The more frequently this connection is forged, the stronger it becomes, giving you the insight into how your body feels day to day.

Your Body Will Thank You.

When was the last time you paid attention to all the incredible things your body does for you on a daily basis? For all it does, doesn’t it deserve a break? A chance to rest, repair, and recharge so you can continue being incredible? I think so too. I’d love to see how I can help you.